What is a location-based game application ‘Block Anthem’?

This is a game based on GPS and augmented reality.

It is a new concept outdoor game that users can experience advertisement, PR, and communication.

Game Story.

Users find treasure boxes in a specific place. When players arrive near by the boxes, a camera is opened for them to be able to explore around, find the boxes, and answer a quiz.
It aims to create missions with user’s desired quiz data and reward. It constructs construct application contents such as PR, advertisement, notification, and others, and share communication and information with other game users.

Game Play Process

Block & Some can login as Google Play information.

You can find the treasure chest by looking at the GPS location on the map

You can find the box by opening the camera near the box.

If you complete the mission within the time limit, you will be rewarded.

You can be rewarded for the success of your mission

You can create a box with the ability to create a mission