What is a negligence-type mining game application, ‘Coin Kingdom : Revolution’?

Negligence-Type Game, Coin Kingdom : Revolution

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virtual currency mining game with a social circulation structure that acquires things in a mineral mining competition.

Game Story

Users have a total of three modes to choose from, depending on each mode, to hunt boss monsters, to mine minerals, and to win G.P. (Game Points) for additional advertising, so they can compete with other users and enjoy the game.

There is an auto-mode that does not require special manipulation, and a operation mode that allows users to obtain G.P. (Gamepoint) faster by touching the mining button on the game screen, or moves directly to a mineral location.

Game Play Process

Coin Kingdom can login with Google Play information.

Various game modes can be used to mining in various ways.

In multiplayer mode you can compete with other players and mined minerals.

In Boss Raid mode you can hunt the boss for a given time and receive additional rewards.

You can mining minerals with AI in single mode, and you can get additional compensation by viewing your ad.

You can purchase items that are consumed in the store.

Choose your character and equipment and make purchases.